Young Hacker Accused of Blackmailing Apple For $150k in BTC After Accessing Its iCloud Servers

A young hacker who filmed himself accessing the Apple iCloud database has been fully identified and captured by UK authorities, according to information published by the Daily Mail.

Kerem Albayrak, 21, managed to access the database of the 319 million users of Apple’s service and threatened to remove all of their content if Apple refused to pay a ransom of $150k in Bitcoin and just over $1,000 in iTunes gift cards.

Also, it seems Mr. Albayrak threatened to sell the personal data of every user with information stored on Apple’s servers.

Over 300 Million users trust iCloud to store pictures, appointments, messages, files, contacts and other sensitive information

Albayrak was tracked by the local authorities, who after a strenuous intelligence work collected sufficient evidence to charge him with one count of blackmail and two counts of unauthorized acts intending to hinder access to a computer.

Lorna Vincent, the prosecutor assigned to the case, gave statements to the media about the official version handled by the law enforcement and the court.

“Mr. Karem Albayrak is accused of sending emails to Apple making financial demands for downloading database iCloud accounts and factory resetting those iCloud accounts.
He entered into the accounts of the alleged victims and posted a video of his hack onto YouTube.

Cryptocurrencies Don’t Make Crime Any Easier

The use of cryptocurrencies to commit crimes has increased as a result of the popularity that this technology acquired over time. Its fame of being anonymous, fast and challenging to track makes crypto extremely attractive to some people.

Interpol Logo

However, Interpol itself recognizes that the use of traditional fiat money is much more popular among criminals. In fact, beyond electronic transactions, the use of cash is the safest way to perform almost untraceable transactions.

Albayrak, who resides in Hornsey, North London, faced the Westminster Magistrates’ who granted him unconditional bail after hearing the parties’ allegations. Should there be no significant setbacks, his preparation hearing will be at Southwark Crown Court on 14 November.

So far, Albayrak’s defense has refrained from making any statements. Similarly, no further details have been given as to the information to which Albayrak had access or whether he made any backup of such data. There is no information about any patch or security update from Apple.

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