(XVG) Verge Price Technical Analysis: Stable Long Term Growth in Sight

Verge (XVG) – the privacy focused cryptocurrency has been making it to the news quite frequently of late. The currency has been one of the most talked about names of recent times, making waves after John McAfee’s tweets. With their Wraith protocol now out, Verge was gearing up for a price surge – but succumbed to a market bloodbath. However, now that the markets have entered a recovery phase – Verge too, is showing signs of growth.
Over the past six days, Verge has been quite stable – staying largely between $0.85-$0.95 with a few momentary exceptions. The last 24 hours have been a good time for Verge – as the currency has bounced by over 5.8% – reaching $0.093 at the time of this writing. The currency is expected to carry this slow and stable growth over a long term.
Tradingview analysts expect Verge’s Price to grow to $0.6 by late March. However, till then there isn’t going to be a major growth rally or a sudden spike in the graphs. The currency is bound to show a stable growth – which is a positive sign. Take a look at the graph below for a detailed insight.

Price Analysis of Verge January Week 4

Price Analysis of Verge (XVG) | Image: Tradingview

The green flag on the graph is the highest the currency is expected to reach before it meets with a major resistance. The target here is BTC 0.00005 (which is currently about $0.60). However, as you can see – there are a number of ups and downs on the graph and prices are likely to continue fluctuating. There are no noticeable steep falls other than the one which comes after the BTC 0.00005 mark.
Those trading in Verge (XVG) should ideally set three targets: the first at the BTC 0.000016 mark, second at the BTC 0.00003 mark and a fourth at the BTC 0.00005 mark. Also keep into account the fact that there would be some retracement and prices will fall a little from each of these marks – only to bounce back again! A strong support is expected to form at the BTC 0.00002 mark.
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