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XRP Tip Bot Button for Twitter Available as a Chrome Browser Extension

The XRP Tip bot is so far active on reddit, Twitter and Discord. The bot allows users in these social media platforms, to send each other XRP through comments. All a user has to do, is link their twitter/reddit/discord account to the XRP Tip Bot platform. Once activated, you can now load up on XRP to tip others or you can redeem the coins you have received as tips.

The usual method for tipping is a bit complex and as follows:

Simply reply to a comment with a message of the format: +<amount> /u/xrptipbot (reddit) or+<amount> @xrptipbot (Twitter / Discord). When you send a tip to someone, your balance will decrease, while the tip balance of the reddit / Twitter / Discord user you tipped will increase (with the same amount, no transaction fee)

Twitter Button Almost Done for the Chrome Browser

This then brings about the gap that has been identified by XRPuzzler who has gone ahead and created a Tip Button for Twitter as an extension on the Chrome browser. Rather than memorizing the earlier quoted syntax to tip someone XRP, a button simplifies things.

XRPuzzler made the announcement today in a post that stated the following:

Thanks @wietsewind and the great idea behind the XRP Tip Bot we all are able to give other community users (Twitter, reddit, Discord) a XRP tip.

My part is a really small one. I’m a part time programmer and a XRP enthusiast. It was time to give this great community a little love back. Helping the community to spread the good work (and of course, some XRP) is the best way.

The Chrome Browser Extension “XRP Tip Bot Button for Twitter” will soon available on the Chrome store. (I have a little bug but it is nothing important)

Where to Download

He goes on to give this link as to where users can download the extension from the Chrome webstore.

What do you think about the new XRP Tip Bot Button for Twitter? Do you think it should be extended to other social media platforms? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

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