XRP Community Shows Its Day-To-Day Use Cases

Since its inception, Ripple has been a company associated with a counter-culture to the philosophy of cryptocurrency. The centralization of its XRP tokens, its use to strengthen the traditional banking system, and the statements of its management in favor of the fiat model have been some of the reasons why XRP is a crypto “hated” by the community.

Ripple XRP FutureThis sentiment could be summed up in the very words of Mr. Michael Arrington, CEO of Arrington XRP Capital who thinks that although there is a lot of tribalism in crypto-verse, the only thing everyone seems to agree on is that they all hate Ripple.

However, Ripple doesn’t seem to pay attention to the negative image, focusing on proving with facts that not only are they a successful company, but they can bring benefits to both traditional banking and ordinary users.

After partnering with Wirex, the company was able to add XRP token support to its Visa card. Subsequently, the number of sign-ups and transactions on the platform had a considerable boost.

Many were the tweets of support and enthusiasm from the community. The low cost of the tokens and the speed of the platform make it a perfect choice for microtransactions and other real-life use cases.

The community was able to reflect this feeling in several tweets that not only improved Wirex’s image as a successful crypto-related company but also represented a “facelift” for Ripple as a community hated company.

The user @cschneider was quite enthusiastic about getting his first crypto debit card. Thanks to this innovation, payments with cryptocurrencies could be massified and become an option for those who wish to try alternative methods over the traditional fiat system.

The famous “buy coffee with crypto” storyline was played by Twitter user @erst69, who commented that XRP is an excellent tool to make this type of purchase.

Another user mentioned that XRP is an excellent tipping option. This case of microtransactions is essential because many cryptos have been attacked because of the high costs of uploading a transaction to the blockchain. The use of XRP allows for fast and cost-free transactions, providing an excellent opportunity for adoption in real-life scenarios.


Also, @Xpring_Sith commented that instead of depositing their savings in a traditional bank account, they were charged to a prepaid card in XRP. They mentioned that the process is fast and straightforward: Two attributes that cryptos must have to gain the public’s preference


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