Ripple's XRP Future

XRP Adoption: 3 Recent Examples Showcasing its Acceleration

The global campaign for the adoption of XRP that has been spearheaded by both Ripple and the XRP community, has led to the digital asset making headlines as well as showcasing examples where it is eons ahead of the competition. In today’s brief post, we shall explore 3 recent examples that have graced the crypto-verse in past few days.

XRP United: The first Crypto Exchange Dedicated to the Digital Asset

On the 23rd of October, XRP United was launched to cater for the need of the digital asset having a full exchange dedicated by it. The exchange has XRP as a base currency paired against Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Monero (XMR). The exchange even has a £ 15 worth of crypto as an incentive for users to verify their accounts., Another Exchange with XRP as a Base Currency

Unbeknownst to many XRP community members, is that there is also another exchange that has XRP as a base currency. is a South African based crypto exchange that has XRP as a base currency against Monero, ARTIS, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

XRP Tip Bot now Available on Android and iOS

The team behind the famous XRP Tip Bot has got the nod of approval from both Android and Apple to have their newest app listed on both platforms. The mobile app allows its users to send up to 20 XRP at one go. Users can log in using their existing accounts with the Tip Bot. The App also has the additional QR scanning capability to make life simpler for the user.

In conclusion, and in a brief period of time, we have highlighted 3 cases where the use of XRP as the standard has already made significant progress. With the crypto-markets yet to show signs of recovery, XRP continues to be undervalued at under 50 cents. However, this might not be the case as we close the year and enter 2019. There is also the additional buzz of the White House showing interest in Ripple products and XRP. Perhaps, with such an interest, we can have a situation where the SEC has a favorable approach towards XRP in the near future.

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