It seems that the Slovenian savings bank called Hranilnica Lon has made a switch from the traditional ATM machine’s to the bitcoin vouchers ATM’s. This is according to the video provided by the aforementioned bank. They also claim to be the first ever bank in the world to provide the public with bitcoins from a traditional ATM machine.

The Hranilnica bank’s executive Vadnjal said: “We made a significant leap in thinking. We do not know what will happen in ten years or what the fight for ‘survival’ and successful businesses will mean in the future – cryptocurrencies are difficult to predict.” The voucher bitcoin can be redeemed online once it is taken from the ATM.

Although Vadnjal recognizes the immense potential that is shown in cryptocurrencies in general and their power to significantly influence the world economy, he also warns about the inherent risks associated with all cryptocurrencies: “As bankers, we have to be conservative, so we are warning all that the markets cryptocurrencies can be risky and are subject to a fall greatly in value.”

The news about the Slovenian ATM providing the public with Bitcoin vouchers resonated across the social media platforms where the bitcoiners were very happy with the recent turn of events. One of the users commented: ‘’As a Slovenian, this is nice to hear. But then again, I am hoping to see banks wiped out and totally replaced by blockchains.’’


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