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Wikipedia Now Accepts Bitcoin (BTC) Donation Courtesy BitPay

The virus of cryptocurrency is spreading to the extent that Wikipedia has initiated a Bitcoin (BTC) donation courtesy BitPay, adding to the number of payment gateway on the open source platform.

Wikipedia, to increase the number of donation the platform receives and to make donation as simple as possible decided to put BitPay crypto payment protocol on its platform.

However, the Foundation says they can only refund Bitcoin donations in Bitcoin because they do not store Bitcoin.

Also, in case of donation refund, payment will be calculated based on the U.S. Dollar amount received via instant exchange at the time of the donation.

Wikipedia is a multilingual, web-based, free-content encyclopedia project supported by the Wikimedia Foundation and based on a model of openly editable content.

Now that it has integrated support for Bitcoin, cryptocurrency lovers can easily donate to the platform.

The name “Wikipedia” is a portmanteau of the words wiki (a technology for creating collaborative websites, from the Hawaiian word wiki, meaning “quick”) and encyclopedia. Wikipedia’s articles provide links designed to guide the user to related pages with additional information.

The platform is written collaboratively by largely anonymous volunteers who write without been paid. People with access to internet can write and make changes to Wikipedia articles, except in limited cases where editing is restricted to prevent disruption or vandalism.

Meanwhile, users of the platform, can contribute anonymously, under a pseudonym, or, if they choose to, with their real identity. The fundamental principles by which Wikipedia operates are the five pillars. The Wikipedia community has developed many policies and guidelines to improve the encyclopedia; however, it is not a formal requirement to be familiar with them before contributing.

Wikipedia is one of the first platform that returns power to the people, since it is open source. It is more of a decentralized website, just that it has some atoms of centralization.

However, BitPay is a payment gateway used by many stores and businesses, it makes receiving cryptos easy for stores and businesses who cherish cryptocurrency.


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