Use bitcoin this Black Friday to purchase more than 3 million products

Use bitcoin this Black Friday to purchase more than 3 million products

This Black Friday you will be able to purchase more than three million production using bitcoin – not on the dark web, but in the real world.

Items ranging from entire laptops and computers to their accessories, clothes, adventure riders and a lot more is all for grabs using your bitcoin stash today. It is believed that Black Friday 2017 will be one of the busiest shopping days ever. Black Friday sales have sky rocketed over the years and with bitcoin being accepted at a lot of places now, sales this year will definitely move towards a record high.

Billions of people around the world will be shelling out a lot of money including bitcoin to grab those over the top deals that make products a lot cheaper and affordable for everyone. This Black Friday might be the biggest yet for cryptocurrencies and leading the pack will be bitcoin.

Black Friday 2017 is special for cryptocurrencies as there is a dedicated search engine where people will be able to find more than three million products that accept bitcoin payments. You will be able to limit your search on Spendabit to products that offer bitcoin only discounts, it has been revealed.

The search engine basically aggregates products from a number of online retailers that accept bitcoin as payment including Overstock and Newegg, as well as some 400 other merchants such as the London Distillery, where you can buy some fine gin, as well as, on the more fun side, ToTheMoonGuy, who interestingly has his own t-shirt.

You will also be able to buy a lot of computer accessories including headphones, speakers, pen drives and even video games. There are quite a few one-day only bitcoin deals that you can grab.


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