Uber Launches Institutional Brokerage

Voyager Launches Institutional Brokerage

The cryptocurrency platform put in place by one of Uber co-founders and ex E*Trade executive just launched a brokerage division which is designed solely to meet the needs of institutional investors.

Dubbed Voyager Institutional

The platform nicknamed Dubbed Voyager Institutional is a brokerage targeted at delivering an excellent solution to crypto trading to big firms that want to trade in cryptocurrencies. Firms in this category include buy-side firms, hedge funds, and market makers.

It was Traders Magazine that first broke out the news of the new brokerage and in the release, the launch date for this brokerage is towards the end of the year. While responding to an interview with Traders Magazine, Stephen Ehrlich who is Voyager’s CEO said:

Based on the sheer number of conversations since we announced our retail offering, it’s clear that there is a void in the marketplace and an immediate desire by institutions to participate in and offer their clients access to this emerging asset class without the significant resources, costs and time that would be required to develop an in-house solution.

Glenn Barber would be the CEO of Voyager Institutional and his portfolio would be the Chief Institutional Officer. Before now, Barber had served as Equities managing director as well as Deutsche Bank’s co-head which is based in New York.

Barber minced no words while rolling out the vision of the new brokerage. According to him, it is their goal to increase the innovation and connectivity access of institutional investors who are interested in venturing into crypto trading.

Voyager to Also Launch a Zero-Free Crypto

Reports revealed that Voyager is hinged at launching a trading platform that would be zero-free for retail investors. That platform is to possess the capacity to assist investors in capturing the most competitive price across numerous exchanges. It would achieve this through its inbuilt proprietary routine engine.

No doubts, Voyager’s action in this wise would challenge the traditional retail trading that has been put in place by other platforms such as Coinbase and Robinhood.

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