Twitter Suspends @Bitcoin Account Amid Free Speech Controversy

Supporters of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash don’t see eye to eye on many issues. These are two rival cryptocurrency groups with very different beliefs. This rivalry between BTC and BCH supporters continues on Twitter. In a very controversial move yesterday, Twitter decided to ban the @Bitcoin account – which was a pro Bitcoin Cash account. This has led to different reactions from both the group of users.

While Bitcoin supporters are cheering for this move from Twitter, Bitcoin Cash supporters are calling it ‘an attack on free speech’. The account was shut down by Twitter after it received a large number of complaints from users, who are likely to be Bitcoin supporters. Twitter, which is a social media platform on the decline – has found itself amid another controversy. 

Roger Ver, one of the biggest supporters of Bitcoin Cash and a vocal name in the cryptocurrency community since a long time was displeased by this move. He called this the ‘death of free speech’ on Twitter. However, Ver’s involvement in this controversy may be deeper than it appears to be. 

It has long been suspected that the @Bitcoin account was compromised by Roger Ver. Many people have pointed out that there are a number of tweets which are liked by Ver’s account as well as the @Bitcoin account claiming that the two belong to the same person. While the evidence on these allegations is rather weak, many on platforms such as r/Bitcoin actually believe this theory. 

If Ver has indeed acquired the account by any means, it would be in direct violation of Twitter’s policies:

“Buying/selling Twitter handles is supposedly against Twitter's ToS. The @Bitcoin account has leased OAuth2 access to another publisher in the past, this access was abruptly terminated at the start of 2018 and started promoting Bitcoin(dot)com propaganda exclusively, as well as a wide range of deceptive (fraudulent) altcoin propaganda echoing Roger Ver. The account operator and Roger Ver both claim that the account was not sold, but given the abrupt shift and Roger Ver's proclivity to throw his money around to get what he wants, I think it's likely the account changed hands,” a comment from r/Bitcoin reads.

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