Tron Price raises following BitTorrent Acquisition

Tron’s (TRX) Next Mainnet Upgrade is Scheduled for the End of November

Back in late September, Marcus Zhao, who is in charge of Tron’s Public Chain Division, informed the TRON (TRX) community and the crypto-verse, on the progress of the project. In the update, Marcus pointed out that the Tron Mainnet had upgraded to Odyssey Version 3.1. This version of the Mainnet would be the one the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) would be activated on.

The TVM was successfully activated on the 12th of October and the Tron project has experienced impressive growth since then. The current number of smart contracts being run on the Mainnet is now 243. These same smart contracts have been called an impressive 7.64 Million times.

Odyssey 3.2 To Be Released End of November

The plan for the Tron Network by the Tron foundation, is to have one small upgrade and one significant upgrade each quarter. It is with this plan that Marcus Zhao has since informed the crypto community that Tron Odyssey 3.2 will be released by the end of November. He made the announcement via twitter as follows.

Tron Bug Bounty Program Still Active

Marcus also reminded the developer community, that the Tron Bug Bounty program is still ongoing. The Tron Foundation handed over the Bug Bounty program to Hackerone, a few days after the Mainnet was launched earlier this year.

The HackerOne Bug Bounty program has four categories for bugs with the following corresponding rewards:

  • Critical – $10,000. This includes bugs that can take control of Java-Tron nodes by remote execution and bugs that lead to private key leakage
  • High – $6,000. Bugs which can incur Denial of Service (DoS) in Java-Tron through a Peer-to-Peer network or through RPC-API
  • Medium – $3,000. Bugs which can incur Denial of Service (DoS) in Java-Tron through the Tron Protocol and the bugs that allow unauthorized operations on user accounts
  • Low – $100

Analyzing recent rewards for finding bugs on the Tron Mainnet, we find that developers have been awarded between $100 and $10,000 for their work.

In conclusion, the Tron Mainnet has continued to perform flawlessly since the Genesis Block was launched on the 25th of June during Tron’s Independence Day. It has continued to grow with the activation of the Tron Virtual Machine in Ocotber. The next major upgrade of the platform will be carried out late November as developers are encouraged to participate in the bug bounty program.

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