TRON (TRX) Network Reaches a new Milestone of Over 1 Million Transactions in A Day

There was no doubt in the Tron (TRC) Community that when the Mainnet went live on the 31st of May, great things were only a few strides away for the project. The Tron Community has been following the project on a daily basis and are one of the most pro-active crypto communities in the crypto-verse.

Over 1 Million Daily Transactions on the Tron Network

It is therefore no surprise that the community has kept track of the daily transaction volume on the Mainnet ever since it went live. One such community member, is Misha Lederman who via a tweet on the 4th of November, notified the Tron Community of the new milestone of 1 Million transactions per day. His tweet noted that the network was 23,542 Txs shy of beating the combined daily transactions of the networks belonging to Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP.

This can be seen his tweet below:

Justin Sun would later also tweet the milestone indicating that it had been achieved in only 131 days.

Further confirming on TronScan, we find that the daily transactions stand at 1,018,795 and the total individual accounts on the Mainnet are 564,137. The number of active nodes stands at 1,137.

Further checking the number of active smart contracts since the Tron Virtual Machine was activated on the 12th of October, we find that the network has 265 such contracts and they have been triggered an amazing 9.566 Million Times.

Tron Is Destined for Greatness

Using the aforementioned statistics, we can conclude that the Tron network is destined for greatness in the blockchain industry. With the network being able to handle 2,000 transactions per second, we the network can easily handled decentralized applications that need a high throughput. These type of DApps are those creating for industries such as gaming, finance and social media.

With respect to the value of TRX, the digital asset is currently trading at $0.0234 and is ranked 11th according to market capitalization. However, this might not be the case for too long. The network is scheduled to host more DApps with time and TRX will be at the center of all DApp activities.

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