TRON TRX Bittorrent Price Prediction

TRON (TRX) Can Become A Top 5 Cryptocurrency With BitTorrent Merger

TRON (TRX)–TRON, like most of cryptocurrency, is caught in the conundrum of a volatile market. Despite posting significant stories of adoption, new avenues for development and one of cryptocurrency’s largest mergers, the coin has continued to see price fall and a steady erosion in value. While some investors point to the market being tied to Bitcoin as the underlying issue, the blame also falls upon the investing mindset: namely the failure of cryptocurrency, as an industry, to mature past short term price speculation and the instant gratification of profit seeking.

BitTorrent Merging with TRON (TRX)

A year ago, an announcement as momentous as the merger between TRON and coin Founder Justin Sun’s recently purchased BitTorrent would have been enough to invigorate the entire market of cryptocurrency, let alone providing a substantial tailwind to the TRX token. Instead, like all of cryptocurrency, TRON has seen its price decline to pre-BitTorrent levels, a situation that is hard to contend with for any value investor. Whether the coin is vastly overvalued, or just the industry surrounding, makes little difference–TRX has become a prime example of a coin that has separated development from valuation.

However, there is still hope for TRON investors and proponents of the coin as a long term asset in cryptocurrency. Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation have been a model example for balancing regular community interaction with a healthy dose of mystery and reveal. While Sun has been accused of showmanship in the past for his slant towards publicity stunts and hyping, he still has managed to gain one of the more ardent fanbases in cryptocurrency. The smooth function of the Super Representative balloting has been a prime example of this duality in interaction. TRON’s community may have few outlets to participate on the cryptocurrency network at present, but they have taken the opportunity to get involved through representation voting, as well as regular appeal to Sun through live stream events and social media.

Strong Community Presence

Given the propensity of the TRON community, in conjunction with the decentralized overlap that exists between crypto and torrenting, BitTorrent could still be the ace that pushes TRX into the top 5 of cryptocurrency. Sun garnered strong attention in January when it was reported that the TRON Founder had made a bid for the purchase of BitTorrent’s parenting company. In May the deal was all but revealed as finalized, giving hope to TRX holders that torrenting could be on the horizon. Last week Sun confirmed the expectation of merging BitTorrent’s 170+ million users onto TRON’s Main Net, allowing for the growth of the currency via peer to peer file sharing.

It still remains to be seen how Sun and the TRON Foundation will utilize their massive new partnership, in addition to the type of innovation they will impose upon torrenting to justify the integration of cryptocurrency. Already, in an announcement on Monday, the TRON Foundation slipped details of a “Project Atlas,” a program that seems to be aimed at revamping TRX and Main Net to function more efficiently with torrenting. In addition, the announcement included an intention to incentivize users following their download, commonly known as seeding, to thereby increase the function of the service for all. TRON may be looking to a TRX distribution program for regular seeders, or a voucher program that improves their experience in other ways.

Either way, Sun and the TRON Foundation hold the reins in the crypto space in a substantial way with the acquisition of BitTorrent. The price may not reflect that advantage in the near term, but it has to benefit TRON in the long run barring a complete collapse of cryptocurrency.

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