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TRON (TRX) and Alibaba Partnership: Anniversary Rumors

Happy birthday TRON (TRX) – as said by its founder Justin Sun via his twitter page for the first anniversary of launching the platform.

As the team celebrates the day, various signals were sent to the crypto-community for a major announcement to be made by the end of the month. Following the roadmap, the team most recently is working on the launch of the Chrome extension parallel with releasing TRON Virtual Machine. For the time being both are in the testnet level.

Very similar to how the crypto-ecosystem is filled with various speculations, rumors started to spread around TRON that it is in talks for a partnership with Alibaba. This followed up the speculations of a secret announcement coming by the team. However, in the end the released info was not that crucial. Mr. Sun had other plans set on the team’s road of the network’s development.

TRON did not disappoint, going with another important milestone, a Chrome extension bringing Chrome usage closer. For now, TronLink, the Chrome extension, will be only useful to developers deploying smart contracts to the testnet.

“This is a version which mainly targets developers, since it will only support testnet use until smart contracts launch on the mainnet,” the TRON Foundation said in a recent blog.”

It is planned that the extension will work with TRON mainnet nodes and sync with TVM [Tron Virtual Machine]. It is turning out more powerful than planned and expected by the community. It will allow to run dApps without gas fees in comparison to other blockchain Virtual Machines [similar EVM].

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