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Tron, has been a cryptocurrency which has been very popular in the modern day market scenario. Despite having been in the markets for a very short time, Tron has propelled its way forward and currently ranks in at #12 on the list of the top cryptocurrencies by market cap. Let us take a closer look at the Tron price and Tron market cap performance over the past few days – as well as a quick look at where the currency is heading. 

The past 24 hours have been good for Tron investors. The currency showed a positive trend. However, the growth over the day was just that of 1%. Tron prices opened the day at $0.0366 – and closed the day at $0.037. However, for a brief period of time during the day, TRX peaked to a high of $0.0381 – but it didn’t sustain that momentum. The lowest point of the day came at $0.0362. Tron’s market cap at the close of the day was $2.43 Billion.

Over the week, Tron prices showed a stable growth trend as the currency went from $0.034 to $0.037 over the week – a growth of almost 10% over the week. Tron prices peaked mid-week when the price hit $0.047 momentarily. Tron market cap went from $2.25 Billion to $2.43 Billion over the week.

From this point on, it is expected that the price of Tron will be on a slow rise for the next few days at least. A bull flag formation can be seen on the graph above. The rising blue lines indicate the direction in which the currency is expected to move forward. This is a good time to invest in Tron as a positive growth is in sight for the short-term as well as the mid-term investors. 

The currency runs on the Tron Network, which has an open-source global protocol for the digital entertainment industry. Tron started off in September 2017 and has been around the markets for about a little over six months now. However, in this short while, the currency has really impressed the markets.

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