Thomas Lee Says “Told Ya” To his Followers, Proving that Hodling BTC Makes Sense

Once again the term HODL is gaining popularity among enthusiasts and investors. The famous meme that invites not to sell out of fear seems to have some logic and this new BTC Bullrun is proving several analysts who shared this mentality right.

One of the most popular Bitcoin Bulls in the crypto verse is Thomas Lee, CEO of Fundstrat Global advisors. In one of his most recent tweets, the expert financial analyst stressed to his followers that these latest events proved him right and BTC generally reports profits for long-term investors as long as they keep their investments in a period of practically 10 key days throughout the entire year.

With this, Mr. Lee says “told ya” to his followers, who in many occasions doubted his excessive optimism. Tom Lee explains that if an investor loses the opportunity to hodl his Bitcoins during those 10 out of 365 days, generally the losses are up to 25% on average.

BTC Has The Same Pattern Since 2013

Mr. Lee first shared this theory with the public last year. On that occasion, Lee said that despite the strong bearish streak, bitcoin has experienced the same behavior since about 2013.

On that occasion he explained to CNBC’s Fast Money team that BTC tends to experience strong rises in periods of a few days, highlighting for example that in 2017, the real rise resulted from the sum of the price increase during only 12 days.

“The reason ‘buy and hold’ (or HODL) makes sense for BTC is that a handful of days each year account for the bulk of gains for BTC,” Lee said. “For instance, in 2017, a total of 12 days represent the full-year return of BTC.”

Looking at bitcoin’s daily performance, it is easy to conclude that Thomas Lee is right. Since the beginning of 2019, it seems that the strong rises have occurred in less than 10 days throughout the year.

BTC Daily performance

Although the RSI is unusually high, the MACD crossing shows a promising trend for those who didn’t sell their BTC at the worst times.

We are still in the middle of the year, and there are yet many days left to test Lee’s theory. Perhaps this year, with some luck, it will be more than 10 days that will considerably increase the price of BTC.

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