Ethereum Blockchain crosses 35 million addresses

The First Ethereum PoS Testnet is Now Live!

The developers of Ethereum are working hard on the progression of this blockchain to adapt not only to the demands of today’s society but also to the requirements of future DApps where blockchains can support a substantial number of transactions per second seamlessly, cost-effectively and quickly.

Despite being a “slow” blockchain for some DApps, Ethereum remains the most used blockchain after Bitcoin. Its ease-of-use for programming contracts and applications, as well as the large ecosystem of developers and enthusiasts have allowed it to remain in force despite the collapse of markets and negative propaganda that linked the blockchain as the prefered option for scammers to develop their schemes.

Meet Nimbus: The First Step Towards a Better Ethereum

One fruit of the efforts of the Etherum developers is that one group was able to launch the first version of Nimbus; a Proof of Stake testnet as the first real step towards effectively implementing Ethereum 2.0.

Ethereum2.0 is an evolution of Ethereum that promises superior tps processing, as well as other major improvements to the Ethereum code and a migration to a PoS consensus algorithm to avoid the energy costs associated with traditional mining leading to more efficient transaction management.

The Testnet was developed by Status, the startup behind one of the main Dapps of the Ethereum ecosystem. According to a post published in their official blog, the team of developers was enthusiastic about this accomplishment:

“We did it 😱🎉 We have a Nimbus-to-Nimbus testnet running, not just in a simulation on a single machine, but with a remote bootstrap node and people connecting to it – even from outside of Status!

This is a major milestone in the development of Ethereum 2.0, and while stability issues persist and bugs will happen, the fact that we now have a Beacon chain synchronizing across nodes that aren’t necessarily local to each other is a big deal.”

Try it Out… Don’t Worry

The testnet0 will be the first implementation to be launched. After that, the expect to release a series of constant updates according to user reports and recommendations.

Any user can join the tesnet. Just follow the steps listed in the Nimbus post. Even Vitalik Buterin shared a tweet of him running the testnet. There is no harm in running it as it will not affect the Ethereum mainnet at all:

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