TAP Coin is the Gas That Powers the Activities of Millenial Movers and Shakers

Looking to Get Out More?

When did we reach “peak stuff”? This term has been bandied about for some time now and commonly denotes a state of mind where we seem to have recognized that life is about more than just possessions. The rise of the “experience economy” shows us that our mindset is changing. People are sick of passively enjoying things. They want to get out and about, take photos, create memories and just have a good time in the moment.
What if this idea extended to how we engaged with advertisers? We are constantly “collecting” ads in our heads we will never use. They clutter up our mind and become an annoyance. Well, here is where Hooch comes in. Coupled with their cryptocurrency TAP Coin, we can exert control over what brands interact with us, cut down on all the superfluous noise, and use our new power to reward ourselves when we go out to bars, hotels, restaurants, gigs and even overseas.

Giving You Some Control

Many people are either unaware of, or resigned to the fact that when we engage with popular apps and websites, our data is taken and sold to second and third parties. A vast web of personal information is used and we don’t see a penny. It is tacitly understood that to enjoy the convenience of using popular platforms, some of your data will be taken. TAP Coin allows people to feel some excitement about how they can harness personal information to work for them, and receive rewards by simply going out and having fun.

Hooch came about at the right time as millennials are becoming more aware of their rights and are witnessing greater transparency when it comes to what is happening with their data. Furthermore, modern technology is an aid more than a hindrance to going out, often integrated into a great night out in the form of Instagram posts, location tags and social meeting apps.

With TAP Coin, users have a one-to-one correspondence with their chosen advertising field. You get to review your data (e.g. gender, demographic, locations you enjoy visiting) and then choose which advertisers you would be interested in hearing from. When you have set the conditions, you can receive advertisements directly from a business, without any middlemen. Decentralized blockchains store smart contracts which are transparent and ensure that no faceless centralized corporation is holding your personal information.

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Furthermore, we are able to access the contract at any time, which is fixed in the blockchain, meaning no sneaky changes to the terms and conditions and no chance of a company making promises it doesn’t deliver. When you fulfill the terms of the contract, i.e. by viewing an ad or engaging with it, you will get TAP Coin- a cryptocurrency which can be used at more than 100,000 destinations around the world to access discounts, get free drinks, or even attend exclusive events.

So, you get to go out and enjoy yourself, get greater control of your data, receive advertisements you’re actually interested in and also receive TAP Coin to get discounts on purchases… what’s the catch?

Well, it’s mostly got to do with the way the advertising landscape is changing. This market is so saturated that advertisers realise they need to revolutionise their approach. Not only is traditional advertising less targeted, it also feels like an unwanted intruder. Quite understandably, no one is very responsive when an unwanted guest comes knocking on our door, advertising a product we are only half interested in. This traditional advertising gives advertisers around 0.1% engagement with the product.
With TAP Coin we have a trusted platform giving us information we may like to act upon, and at the same time feel empowered that we have some control over our information. When we are happier, we are more likely to open ourselves up to a new idea. This method is found to provide a roughly 60% engagement with the product. For businesses the maths is clear as to how to efficiently spend money while maximizing returns.

Where Can People Flaunt Their Newfound Rewards?

The Hooch platform and TAP Coin can be used in bars, restaurants, hotels (both domestic & international), clubs and eateries, with the number of participating establishments growing by the day. They have already expanded into Hong Kong and they’ve even launched Hooch Black, a service for people who enjoy the finer things. Yes, the subscription fee is a bit higher, but you can access VIP gatherings, go backstage at music venues and connect with other people who want to get the most out of their experiences. Basically, the more you put in, the more rewards you can reap from this application.

This exciting new landscape is not only intriguing advertisers, but also investors, businesses and consumers. These groups converge at an event called Advertising Week, which gives not only the “elite”, but also enthusiasts a chance to learn and discuss tricks of the trade.

Why is this advertising week special?

Advertising Week is a huge cross continental event that boasts some of the best thinkers in the world of advertising as well as CEO’s from some of the major companies. These people come together to share their wisdom and also discover new ideas that maybe they haven’t come across or properly considered before.

The future of decentralized advertising using blockchains and cryptocurrency is gaining currency so to speak, and for the very first time, one whole day of Advertising Week is dedicated to the application of this revolutionary technology in advertising. What’s more, Lin Dai, the CEO of Hooch and TAP Coin will be hosting this event.

While there is a lot of talk in the tech industry and a lot of empty promises, TAP Coin has created a trusted platform that isn’t theoretical but is already working and benefiting users. Lin will be presiding over different talks, which are aimed at both helping people understand the current application of decentralized advertising platforms, and also showing us what we can expect in the near future.

This is truly an interesting time for advertising, technology and consumer choice. If you’re someone that enjoys going out, gaining experiences and trying out new things, Hooch is the app that can facilitate your next adventure.

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