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The PayWithLitecoin effort is paying off. After TapJet announced its encouraging Litecoin, a number of different platforms are representing they're currently accepting the altcoin.

One of those firms which are currently embracing Litecoin is Surf Air. While Surf doesn't own or operate any aircraft, the flight provider arranges travel and other providers exclusively as a supervisor of their Surf Air membership program and as a representative of its membership.

The information was shown by Litecoin Creator, Charlie Lee whose zeal would be to campaign for Litecoin's enormous adoption among different businesses.

Charlie Lee said in a tweet: “On the heels of @TapJets accepting Litecoin, I just got confirmation that @SurfAir is also accepting LTC now in addition to BTC and ETH. More information on the following week! More areas to #PayWithLitecoin."

Surf Air is celebrated as the first personal aviation club which provides what it branded "all-you-can-fly support: for a monthly fee. The business features flight to and from airports that are convenient throughout the U.S. West Coast, also guarantees that extra areas and destinations will follow as time goes on".

The business in a media release, suggested that their selection of LTC is born of the fact that it is a top-tier coin with exceptional benefits for the consumer, particularly, its quick confirmation timing, low prices, and bandwidth. The Porn system went forward that Litecoin also includes an excellent development team and community.

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Meanwhile, the TapJets has confirmed it's completely integrated Litecoin on its own stage demonstrating that $500 Gift Voucher expects LTC fans who reserve for flight using the coin.

Tapjet tweeted: “Thanks to #LTC community and #PayWithLiteCoin movement and support from developers @TapJets is now accepting LiteCoin. As a token of appreciation @Tapjets is offering $500 gift voucher (CODE: LTCNOW) for each flight booked with $LTC #FLYTAPJETS”

There's space for enormous adoption of Litecoin by different companies who need utilizing cryptocurrency for payment on account of the continuing PayWithLitecoin campaign.