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Stratis (STRAT) is quite a popular name when it comes to the world of cryptocurrencies. The currency has been on a gradual rise since November and peaked in January when it hit the $22 mark. The currency has since slowed down after a market correction. As of this writing, STRAT price stands in at $14.7 – however – if market experts are to be believed, Stratis is in for a huge growth.
STRAT prices, since the past one week – have capped in at the $15 mark as a new line of resistance appears to have formed there. However, this was primarily due to the fact that the entire cryptocurrency markets had collapsed and were going through a slowdown. Now that the markets have begun to recover, Stratis too – is expected to cross the $15 mark and enter a growth rally.
Market experts from tradingview are quite optimistic on the growth of Stratis. The graph below indicates the rapid strides the cryptocurrency is expected to take to reach a new all-time high.

STRAT Stratis Price Analysis
Stratis Price Analysis Indicates a Strong Growth | Image: tradingview

STRAT prices are expected to face multiple lines of minor resistance till it reaches the $22 mark. This is where the currency prices had collapsed earlier in January. A strong line of resistance awaits for Stratis at $22 – however this time, thanks to the bull-run, the currency is expected to breach the line of resistance and go as high as $25, with $20 becoming the new line of support.
The timeline for this accelerated growth isn’t a long wait either. This is expected to be a 10 to 15 day process and by mid February, STRAT price is likely to reach a new all-time high of $25. Those investing in Stratis are advised to set up multiple targets – $16.15, $19.25 and $21.25 seem to be the appropriate targets for now.
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