Stellar Lumens XLM VS Ripple's XRP: Will the Crypto-Verse Change

Stellar Lumens XLM VS Ripple’s XRP: Will the Crypto-Verse Change

The current and existing management of wealth in the finance sector and its strong centralized nature has led to dissatisfaction by many. This has triggered the development catalyst inside of humans to go for the better. So technology and its applications have continued to grow, which marks the event of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to be real.

Accordingly, with the further development of blockchain tech and the crypto-verse infrastructure, its appliance finds various places. However, as it was all the time the most important sector is the financial sector.

For the Better – Cryptos

With the unfairness taking place, blockchain-tech firms tend to explore decentralized solutions. When it comes to money transferring or cross-border transactions, leading are the team from Ripple and Stellar Lumens’ team. Both their platforms and the community that are enthusiastic about them are and will be a long race to see who will turn out the best.

Ripple has already reached dreamy heights with 150+ partnerships counting for the last years. XRP and the xCurrent solution are being tested heavily by many.

Its fame is among the largest in the crypto-ecosystem, which makes it outstand from many in the market. One of the first coins probably you have heard first when you were interested to trade was Ripple’s XRP.

According to Weiss Crypto Rating and its Twitter poll, Ripple’s XRP is chosen as the best coin to send/receive money to/from exchanges. 78% of the votes from the poll are for XRP counting 7,500 such. The following cryptocurrencies were: 2nd place Ethereum ETH and last place Bitcoin BTC with 6% only.

Additionally, after teaming up with Santander – the Santader app’s team released reports of cross-border tx completed in a 3 sec average. The speedy platform stands by its fame.

However, lately many changed their view towards the fastest out there as various analysts did warn investing in XRP.

CEO of Elpis Investments – Anatoly Castella, for has warned investors to miss out on XRP as it is not a digital currency and should not be labelled as a real crypto – according to the CEO.

“If the SEC categorises ripple as a security, we will experience in the short term a big dip in its market value. In the long term it will simply become a digital asset owned by institutional investors. – Anatoly Castella.

The team and mostly the companies CEO are heavily pushing on the It is not a security button. For the time being it is up to you to decide until SEC chooses what kind of regulatory framework should be set to work for the coin.


Stellar Lumens – Keeping in mind the above, Stellar Lumens did the best it could. Make major developments in the time of the competitors community discouragement.

Just recently, the firm partnered up with TransferTo. The just-mentioned is an international money transfer positioned in more than 70 countries. Its performance until now is rated by all outstanding.

The partnership, in a statement by TransferTo, is purposely to brighten the way money is remitted across borders in the world.

Almost two weeks ago, the leading crypto-exchange Coinbase declared in twitter that it is trying out 6 more coins. One of them is XLM (Stellar Lumens’ token). This goes as a critical hit against Ripple’s XRP and its community as they have been asking constantly for the token to be listed on the exchange.

Obviously, there is a long road ahead before the true winner of the two is sorted out. However being part of this technological growth for our better in a racing format is a daily dose of enthusiastic feeling. Keep supporting your favorite.

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