Stellar and Coinbase Announce a Partnership to Give Away 1% of all XLM

Stellar has performed exceptionally well over the past few weeks, clearly breaking the resistance around 2300 satoshis to now place itself in a band around 2500 satoshis as support and 2700 sats as its strongest resistance.

Part of this bullish pattern could be attributed to the business scheme and promotion strategy of Stellar’s team, as well as the recent changes in the foundation’s management. As reported by Ethereum World News, Mozilla’s COO has now become the CEO of the Stellar Foundation.

Similarly, the Stellar team has achieved not only several important partnerships, but XLM airdrops have been quite successful, with an increase in the crypto’s user base without the typical dumps that occur after these events.

Stellar’s latest partnership came thanks to Coinbase and was announced yesterday on Twitter and other social networks. The Stellar Foundation will be distributing one billion XLM to all users who sign up for Coinbase and watch educational videos about Stellar.

It is important to emphasize that 1 billion XLM represents 1% of the total circulating tokens, so Stellar’s move is no small thing. The team bets strongly on the adoption and education of users as one of the best strategies to grow.

Coinbase Earn offers $2 in XLM for each educational video watch. There are five videos that represent approximately 15 minutes of educational content for each user.

Also, the platform offers a referral program that allows users to earn up to $40 by promoting the platform and attracting new customers. Each user can invite a friend to access Coinbase earn, and for each video watched by the new user, the referring one will receive $10 in XLM.

Previously, Stellar announced an essential partnership with (formerly known as Thanks to this business move, the users of this wallet (which until now only offered BTC, BCH, and ETH) can now manage their XLM tokens and apply for a $25 airdrop in XLM.

XLM is the fourth token covered by Coinbase earn. Other “courses” include $3 worth of 0x (ZRZ), $10 worth of Basic Attention Token (BAT), and $3 worth of Zcash (ZEC).

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