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Sports Streaming ICO Again Strikes Deal With WNBA Players Association

Another deal has just been sealed between SportsCastr and the Women’s National Basketball Players Association (WNBPA). This is coming barely a month after the live streaming forum and NFL inked a monumental deal in August. This latest deal with WNBPA is aimed at championing interactive and live video programs for fans.

Basketball fans of WNBA with SportsCatr’s FanChain token will now have access to their beloved team’s premium contents. This is made possible courtesy of a recent partnership deal between the streaming platform and Rep Worldwide. Rep Worldwide is WNBPA’s players’ marketing and licensing representation agency.

A recent CCN report reveals that SportsCastr has equally signed a deal similar to that of WNBPA with NFL Players. The agreement is to allow fans access contents that were before now tagged exclusive. The deal equally gives fans the opportunity to have player insights and become color commentators.

Similar to the NFL deal with SportsCastr, WNBPA players too would now be expected to utilize the platform to supply fans with live commentary. This commentary is to include college and professional sports, exclusive contents, and even personal insights.

The Role of SportsCastr in the Deal

The role of SportsCastr in the partnership deal is to supply a portal dedicated to WNBPA. This portal is to have the capacity of bringing players’ contents together and present fans. It must also make leaderboards available to fans with which they can know the most recent player streams.

Terri Jackson who is the Director of Operations for WNBPA while commenting on this deal said:

Fans crave authentic interaction, and through the SportsCastr live-streaming platform, our players have another exciting way to engage fans in real-time. This innovative technology also fits our objective to build unique group licensing opportunities through REP Worldwide that bring fans and players closer.

Partnerships Increasing For FanChain Cryptocurrency

A June report shows that David Stern who was the NBA’s ex-commissioner supported FanChain cryptocurrency. With FanChain, users watching any sporting event can choose which commentary they would like to listen to. The crypto also allows fans to send in their individual commentary.

The more popular a user becomes by utilizing FanChain tokens, the more their chances of being rewarded increases too. More so, as more FanChain tokens are used by users, their participation on the streaming platform (SportsCastr) equally increases. This makes the chances of being rewarded to also increase.

Some of the things the FanChain tokens can be used for on SportsCastr platform include buying sports tickets, unlocking premium content from players, and gifting players virtually.

This twin deal with the WNBPA and NFLPA has again stressed the resolve of SportsCastr to make sure that FanChain becomes a force to reckon with in the sports industry. Kevin, who is the CEO of SportsCastr had earlier said in April that the platform’s mission was to get fans a medium to air their views.

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