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The stage is expected to complete the enlarging during this season. Until then, Olyseum will examine its services among enthusiasts of this FIFA World Cup, which finishes on 15th July.

Olyseum is the need for the 3 footballers Puyol, Iniesta and Peña to make a platform which will enable them becoming closer to their lovers. The platform has been found in Spain in 2016, getting the”most downloaded sports program from the App Store”.

FC Barcelona football players wish to socialize more with their lovers

Carles Puyol commented:”During my career with FC Barcelona, I have had the unwavering support of countless fans worldwide. With the urge to enlarge the constraints of actual and real participation of lovers, Andrés, Iván and I combined together to make a collaborative area for fans of this gorgeous game and interact with customers moved by precisely the exact same sense .”

He’s famous for its creation of Quantum Fields Technologies, which can be devoted to security-based jobs in addition to studies on artificial intelligence. He said that:

“For too long, there’s been a disconnect between idols and their lovers, restricting the quality of fan-idol participation. Olyseum is here to bridge this gap, developing a social network which enables the person, and above all, rewards their involvement. After Carles, Andrés, and Iván came with the common problem of restricted enthusiast involvement, I felt forced to deploy my understanding and expertise to help create an answer .”

Olyseum to present an incentive application

Olyseum is utilized to present a motivational program for sports lovers utilizing Smart Contracts. Each and every taxpayer will be rewarded with VIP Gifts and other gifts.

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He included that:

“The values of inclusion and collaboration are intrinsically linked to our platform, which will be underpinned by blockchain technology. We firmly believe that fans deserve to share the success of their idols, and now there is a platform that supports this vision. We are honored to be the enablers of dreams, bringing fans and idols closer together.”