Sharkpool Threatens to Attack All BCH Forks Except For Craig Wright’s “Satoshi’s Vision”

When Craig Wright spoke of a war against those who did not support his implementation of Bitcoin Cash, he literally meant it. After declaring Roger Ver as his enemy and issuing multiple threats, recently SharkPool, a new mining pool threatened to attack all alternative Bitcoin Cash chains and any altcoin other than BCH SV, the acronym for Satoshi’s Vision.

According to the mining pool’s own statements, beyond seeking personal gain and strengthening the blockchain, SharkPool plans to mine exclusively empty blocks after the November 15 fork, then sell the profits generated and exchange them for Bitcoin Cash (SV).

In a tweet dated November 6, the group publicly expresses its intentions, inviting miners to join under the promise of obtaining 100% profits for one year:

It is important to note that mining empty blocks generates the same reward as mining a traditional block and has been a tactic used to keep the profitability of miners in various situations despite some criticism against this practice.

Ari Kuqi: The Man Who Sees All Altcoins and Forks As “Acts Of War”

The attack will be coordinated by Ari Kuqi and his company Cash Pay Solutions, a firm involved in building developments under the BCH blockchain. Among these developments, the e-commerce platform and the CashPay Wallet stand out.

Ari Kuqi was clear in his intention to maintain the attack and deliver the promise of “hunting down” all altcoins:

Also, he does not hesitate in calling Bitcoin ABC is a disgrace to the community:

He also published another tweet declaring that all altcoins and forks other than those he supports are “an act of war” against Bitcoin Cash. According to Kuqi, this qualification gives him the necessary moral justification for his actions.

The Future Is Not Written

Until now, Sharkpool’s real hash power is unknown, so it is difficult to accurately measure how important its threats are. A coordinated attack perpetrated by a major mining pool has not the same repercussions as one made by a pool with minimum hashing power.

In case of gathering the necessary power, the consequences could be quite harmful for the ecosystem, since it would clog up the number of pending transactions, increasing the fees and the mining difficulty, however in case of being a small pool, the consequences could be negative for the miners since they could not attach a sufficient number of blocks to the chain to be profitable.

There are only three days left for the fork; however, it is already noticeable that the BCH SV implementation is much more unpopular than the Bitcoin ABC proposal.

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