Sales for the Day of the Child ended with a rise of 1.2{d0fd1c7f03312cdbde7b5dce5e26cfecaabc8ba26c81c7be42bb4001702752ce} compared to the same date last year, measured at constant prices.

Gifts this year focused mainly on toys, clothing and computer products. In particular, purchases were aimed at children up to 15 years of age, although the adolescents also took their present.

Of the 10 items surveyed, 5 ended in low, 1 without change and 4 with increases. Among the branches that increased were “Toys”, with a rise of 4.5{d0fd1c7f03312cdbde7b5dce5e26cfecaabc8ba26c81c7be42bb4001702752ce} compared to the same date last year, “Electronics and small appliances” with an increase of 1.6{d0fd1c7f03312cdbde7b5dce5e26cfecaabc8ba26c81c7be42bb4001702752ce}, “Books for children and Adolescents “(+ 2.1{d0fd1c7f03312cdbde7b5dce5e26cfecaabc8ba26c81c7be42bb4001702752ce}) and” Golosinas “(+ 1.1{d0fd1c7f03312cdbde7b5dce5e26cfecaabc8ba26c81c7be42bb4001702752ce}).

Despite the average increase, the result was very mixed. 47{d0fd1c7f03312cdbde7b5dce5e26cfecaabc8ba26c81c7be42bb4001702752ce} of trades had positive changes on the date while 48{d0fd1c7f03312cdbde7b5dce5e26cfecaabc8ba26c81c7be42bb4001702752ce} fell and another 5{d0fd1c7f03312cdbde7b5dce5e26cfecaabc8ba26c81c7be42bb4001702752ce} remained unchanged. In items such as toy stores, businesses prevailed with increases, some with significant increases, although there were also those with negative results.

In tourist cities, sales were generally better than in the rest of the country given that it was a long weekend, with a more intense tourist movement than last year. At the same time, although the border cities with countries like Chile continued to be affected by families crossing borders to buy, the agreement between CAME and ATACYC that offers 12 installments without interest in all areas was very important to mitigate that impact.

The merchants activated numerous promotions. In the market you could find discounts of up to 60{d0fd1c7f03312cdbde7b5dce5e26cfecaabc8ba26c81c7be42bb4001702752ce}. At the same time, in the matter of financing was the Now 3 plan in toys and board games between July 15 and August 20, the CAME-ATACYC plan in 76 border towns with 12 installments without interest, discounts of up to 40 {d0fd1c7f03312cdbde7b5dce5e26cfecaabc8ba26c81c7be42bb4001702752ce} And 6 installments without interest in wheels and sports articles.

The average sales ticket this year was $ 550, up 22.2{d0fd1c7f03312cdbde7b5dce5e26cfecaabc8ba26c81c7be42bb4001702752ce} from last year. The following were the variations in sales, at constant prices, for Children’s Day 2017 compared to the same date last year, which were registered in 690 stores in the country:

General considerations

The Day of the Child 2017 ended with an annual increase of 1.2{d0fd1c7f03312cdbde7b5dce5e26cfecaabc8ba26c81c7be42bb4001702752ce} measured at constant prices. The offers, promotions and possibilities of financing were fundamental to carry out the sales, which came with great caution from the beginning of 2016.

According to a survey conducted by the consulting firm Focus Market for CAME among 2,549 people, 15{d0fd1c7f03312cdbde7b5dce5e26cfecaabc8ba26c81c7be42bb4001702752ce} of sales this year were made online. In virtual platforms, discounts of up to 40{d0fd1c7f03312cdbde7b5dce5e26cfecaabc8ba26c81c7be42bb4001702752ce} could be found.

The purchasing power of families continues to be difficult to spend. That is why the generous offers of the market and the possibilities of financing were decisive. According to the trades consulted, there was more inclination to consume in installments or with loans than in previous months.

A factor that hurt and much this year, were the aggressive promotions that launched some hypermarkets, with discounts of up to 40{d0fd1c7f03312cdbde7b5dce5e26cfecaabc8ba26c81c7be42bb4001702752ce}, which took away sales to businesses from nearby streets and avenues.

The heading that led was “Jugueterías”, where sales (always at constant prices) grew 4.5{d0fd1c7f03312cdbde7b5dce5e26cfecaabc8ba26c81c7be42bb4001702752ce} compared to last year. It was the branch with the highest rate of growth. They helped with the financing and discount plans that were in place practically throughout the month, even in some cases since mid-July. Among the best-selling toys were the doll series Lol Lil Sister Surprise, series 2, that could be obtained from $ 900, the different models of Cry Babies and Dolls Cupcake Surprise Dolls, from $ 1,200, Yo Kai Watch from $ 1,100 or Traditional Rasti from $ 600.

In “Clothing and shoes”, sales fell 0.7{d0fd1c7f03312cdbde7b5dce5e26cfecaabc8ba26c81c7be42bb4001702752ce} compared to the same date last year. The demand was oriented to products such as t-shirts, t-shirts, and additional accessories as a second gift (hats, belts, cuellitos, tights, or underwear, among others). The average sales ticket in that category was $ 500. The purchases in 12 installments without interest were also prevailed, through the programs Now 12 and CAME-ATACyC.

In “Consoles, accessories and video games,” sales remained at the same levels as last year. Play 4 was one of the most sought after products, with prices starting at $ 11,000. And the same games for that console, which had various values, as new was the game. But diversity allowed reaching all income strata with these products.

In “Computer and Cellular Products,” sales fell 1 percent versus 2016. Demand was concentrated on tablets, notebooks, iPad, monitors, and cell phones, although smartphones did not have the demand from other times by this date.


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