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Ripple’s XRP or xCurrent Solution is Used by Alibaba: Rumors

A blockchain supported digital wallet has been launched by Ant Financial – Alibaba’s payment branch in June. It was designed to make speedy payments between the Philippines and Hong Kong. In the initiatory transfer, tx the co-founder of Alibaba Group was part of it – Jack Ma, was completed in just a couple of seconds. It was initiated by Ms. Mary Grace to the Philippines.


After the event, it was highlighted that the transaction only took 3 second to be completed. That fact alone is raising many questions and debates if the app is using Ripple’s team solutions when it comes to cross-border transfers. Many believe that it is being run by XRP or xCurrent. If you put both, the event and XRP’s speed, one the table you will see the similarity. XRP ledger is the only that can clear out transactions that speedy. The very famous partnership between Santander and Ripple‘s team did conclude with the Santander App reaching that speed.

Another argument that is hyping up the possibility of the above is Justin Sun. Yes the founder of Tron its project. Before he was Chief Representative and Ripple Labs Adviser. Also he is really close to Jack Ma and graduated the first Millennial at Hupan Univerity – Jack’s Ma Uni.

Continuing, dLocal – a cross border payment system is given a strong push by Ripple’s tech. Both Alipay and WeChat Pay run on dLocal. The money that Ms. Mary Grace sent to GCash in Philippines was managed by AliPay. If the puzzle is completed, it could result in a picture where AliPay app used xCurrent to power up the tx.

According to Weiss Crypto Rating and its Twitter poll, Ripple’s XRP is chosen as the best coin to send/receive money to/from exchanges.

78% of the votes from the poll are for XRP counting 7,500 such. The following cryptocurrencies were: 2nd place Ethereum ETH and last place Bitcoin BTC with 6% only.

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