Ripple's David Schwartz says Lightning Network can be a game changer for Bitcoin

David Schwartz, Chief Cryptographer in Ripple was Part of this BlockShow 2018 Europe held in Berlin, Germany. Ran Neu-Ner, the famed CNBC anchor, introduced the chat show that had four additional speakers combined with David.

David started the conversation show by Describing use case for your XRP token. Ripple sees XRP for a settlement advantage for global cross-currency payments. Rather than being required to utilize any correspondent banking system and with no cost involved, the worldwide transfers can be implemented inside 5-6 seconds.

He also said that XRP ledger Provides all of the qualities of the decentralized system in another manner than Bitcoin does, it's not vulnerable to issues like a vast majority assault and contains a higher transaction speed.

“Is Bitcoin at the risk of becoming obsolete?”

David believes that Bitcoin must find

David states:

 “Lightning Network is a game changer because Bitcoins challenges to find a use case and a use case of store of value . Bitcoin has some limitations making  it not a very good means of exchange, just because of the transaction volume it can handle while Bitcoin Cash can handle more transactions on chain.”

In addition, he said it is quite difficult to predict little level information, simply because we don't understand just how Bitcoin will evolve.

David also shared his own perspectives on how cryptocurrencies like XRP differs from the digitized assets.

The electronic advantage transfer makes a Transformational difference by shifting the real value rather than the fiat monies. Digital asset transfers have produced the exchange of cash from several areas of the world really easy. Based on David, among the most difficult things to achieve from the blockchain business use cases which are predicated on settling obligations.

He states:

“ It is easy to adjust numbers around, but the problem is, the problem is now you have left a mess because you haven’t moved the actual value”

The absence of accountability is that the most important difference between blockchain trades and fiat money trades.

A Twitterati called Crypto Dan states:

        “I love listening to @JoelKatz. I dont need the pump on #xrp because I’m a true believe BUT he does get me pumped up everytime I hear him speak…#xrpthestandard”

A cryptocurrency enthusiast states:

        “It does seem odd that payments aren’t settled instantly. Kids will be taught in history soon how we used to lumber fiat money around.”

Another Twitterati states:

   “Sooooo good! I love to listen to him speak. I could listen to David explain how to pour a glass of milk!”

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