[XRP] Ripple Price Booms By 9% – $1 Likely Coming Soon

Ripple’s massive 36,000% price rise is a story which has forever been etched in the history books – it is impossible to talk about the cryptocurrency price boom of 2017 without mentioning Ripple’s growth. Ripple has been a success story – but the currency’s price drop has been quite worrisome too! Ripple went from $3.75 to less than $0.4 in just three months! The currency is now on a path to recovery. 

As markets go through this latest bullish momentum and recover the prices they lost over the past few months, Ripple has been one of the biggest benefactors, demonstrating a strong growth. Let us take a closer look at how the currency performed over the past 24 hours and over the past week – as well as a look at where Ripple’s price may be heading towards next.

Ripple’s price went from $0.83 to $0.93 – before finally closing the day at $0.915. Ripple’s market cap, over the past 24 hours – jumped from $32.6 Billion to $35.7 Billion – rising by $3.2 Billion over the day. This is an impressive growth for Ripple – which brings the currency’s price closer to the much awaited $1 mark. 

A week-long analysis of Ripple price indicates that the currency started the week at a price of $0.63 – and then proceeded to grow to $0.93 over the week – before ending the week at a price of $0.915. This is a significant growth, as apparent by the market cap – which went from $25 Billion to $35 Billion over the week – gaining $10 BIllion.

If market experts are to be believed, the currency is set to hit $1 really soon – possibly over the weekend! Ripple’s price growth is expected to continue even beyond the $1 mark – and it may even reach $1.25 over the coming weeks – investors are advised to adjust their stop losses and targets according to the movements of XRP price.

Ripple is a technology which has found millions of backers over the past few years. Ripple’s acceptance has been global, as banks and financial institutes around the world have been using Ripple’s network for payment processing. 2018 looks like this is going to be the biggest year for Ripple so far – in terms of adoption, as well as in terms of the currency’s price growth.

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