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Ripple Price has been on a path to recovery over the past week – and one of the biggest benefactors of this uptrend that the markets have been going through. Ripple has shown a day-on-day growth and has risen quite significantly over the week. Here’s a look at Ripple’s price performance over the past 24 hours, over the past seven days – as well as a look at where the price may be heading.

Ripple, which peaked at $3.75 earlier this year – had fallen to $0.4 levels as of April 2018. While it appeared that this downtrend may bring Ripple down to even lower prices, markets entered a recovery phase with a strong uptrend. This bullish momentum has helped Ripple recover – and the prices are now significantly up from what they were when the month began. 

Over the past 24 hours, Ripple went from $0.641 to $0.687 – but closed the day at a price of $0.656. Ripple’s market cap started off at a price of $25.0 Billion, peaked at $26.8 Billion and closed the day at a price of $25.8 Billion – gaining $800 Million over the day – which is quite a growth for the currency. Over the course of the past 24 hours, Ripple price jumped up by 2.11%.

Looking at the larger picture, Ripple’s price over the week went from $0.487 to $0.656 with the highest point of the week coming in this 24 hour period at $0.687. Along with Ripple’s price, Ripple’s market cap also grew significantly over the past week. The market cap went up from $19.8 to $25.8 Billion over the week – gaining $6 Billion over the seven day period. 

Ripple’s price surge does not end here. The currency is expected to grow at a steady pace over the next few weeks – as the current target, maybe a little too ambitious, is that of $1 before May. However, if the currency continues to grow at this pace – this might as well be achieved in time. Short-term targets of $0.75 and $0.82 are certain and investors are advised to adjust their targets and stop-losses based on Ripple’s movement. 

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Ripple is arguably the most popular cryptocurrencies when it comes to the crypto-markets. The currency is popular not only because of the Ripple network which powers payment processing across hundreds of banks and payment organizations, but also because of the fact that it surged by 36,000% late last year – becoming the first altcoin to cross the $100 Billion market cap. 

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