Ripple CTO Cofirms xCurrent 4.0 is Now Live and Supporting XRP – Powered xRapid

Ripple does not rest on its efforts to become the leading provider of blockchain solutions for the financial sector. After some delays that triggered the nervousness of many supporters, finally, xCurrent 4.0 is live and growing (and with more features)

This implementation was announced late last year, however, Ripple customers did not start to seriously and massively upgrade, so this development went practically unnoticed.

xCurrent 4.0 offers a series of optimizations and new functionalities to its clients, but the one that has raised more expectations is the integration with XRP-powered xRapid.

Art Showing The Integration Between xCurrent and xRapid. Two Different Blockchain Solutions that can now interact

With this new update, Ripple’s 200+ institutional customers have a chance to interact with an ecosystem that aims to keep growing as time goes by.

Ripple is Working Hard to Spread xCurrent 4.0

The news was confirmed by David Schwartz, Ripple CTO in a tweet responding to a user who shared his concerns:

xCurrent is a kind of interbank messaging service (ILP) -similar to Swift- that allows the settlement of bank ledgers in real time. Thanks to the new update, this technology can be integrated with xRapid, enabling operations with XRP for a larger number of customers.

Schwartz explained that the new version of xCurrent has backward compatibility; however, he mentioned that it is ideal for all users to update their clients to avoid problems while operating.

Update to 4.0… It’s Worth It

Ripple’s CTO recognized that the update process can be “a bit painful” but recommended to do it as quickly as possible in order to achieve greater overall network efficiency. The communication between clients using the old and the new versions of xCurrent would be similar to that of the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols: possible but not the best.

Ripple does not seem to be very affected by the poor performance of XRP in terms of marketcap. In fact, they always emphasize that the price of the token is not one of the company’s main concerns. Despite the bearish trend, Ripple has achieved so many partnerships and supporters that the token has many reasons to keep fundamental analysts optimistic.

From the perspective of a technical analysist , XRP has not had a good year. The bearish trend does not show signs of bottoming out, however, the RSI is so low that it could be a sign that soon there will be a significant upturn in value.

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