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Ripple Case Reassigned — What Does the New Judge Mean for Ripple?

The ongoing lawsuit against Ripple Labs has just seen a significant twist after the Superior Court of California reassigned the case to a new judge per Ripple’s request.

Ripple case gets a new judge

As many are already aware of, Ripple has had its fair share of lawsuits in the recent months due to suspicions of centralization, it being a security, and even some accusations of fraud and market manipulation. The current case of plaintiff Vladi Zakinov against Ripple Labs, its CEO, XRP II, and 25 others, has now seen an important new development.

According to reports, on August 22nd, the State of California’s Superior Court has decided to grant Ripple’s request and reassign the company’s case to a new judge. Up to this point, the case was in the hands of Judge Marie S. Weiner, but it will now be assigned to Judge Richard H DuBois.

This case, filed by Vladi Zakinov, came only a few days after Ryan Coffey’s lawsuit caught the attention of the public. Like many others, Zakinov also claims that XRP is a security and that the company, Ripple Labs, is controlling it while claiming that the coin is decentralized. This complaint was originally filed back in January 2018, and it represents all of California citizens, according to the lawsuit summary.

Additionally, the plaintiff decided to accuse Ripple and multiple unnamed individuals of not registering XRP coins after they are offered, or even sold. Not only that, but he also accused Ripple of providing its coin holders and supporters with false statements that were meant to increase XRP’s price, which is a direct attempt at price manipulation. As a result, the company would make significant profits, while damaging the coin’s investors, according to Zakinov.

After he filed the complaint, Ripple’s spokesperson stated that the company declines all of these claims and accusations. Furthermore, the company’s spokesperson even stated that such allegations are an example of extortionists in search of opportunity.

The new judge comes per Ripple’s request

The case continued to advance over the course of the following months, until Ripple requested disqualification of Judge Marie S. Weiner from the case on August 16. According to Deborah McCrimmon, Ripple’s Senior Counsel, the company will not receive a fair trial as long as Judge Weiner is in charge of the case.

After submitting the request, Ripple’s argument was considered by Susan I. Etizadi, Superior Court’s Presiding Judge. Eventually, the case was reassigned and is now in hands of Judge Richard H. DuBois. After this announcement, Ripple’s community got very excited. Many of them believe that this will be a positive change for Ripple, which might even lead to a winning situation for the company.

Numerous tweets from XRP supporters appeared, expressing support for Ripple, and even calling the current situation a ‘small victory’. Whether this reassignment will actually have positive consequences for Ripple or not, remains to be seen. For now, all that anyone can tell is that Ripple’s request was fulfilled, and the company seems to be satisfied with the result.

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