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POS Is No Match For Us – Cardano (ADA)

Investors in Cardano (ADA) today may turn out to be financial geniuses in years to come based on recent revelations. The fact that it has a verifiable proof-of-stake algorithm appears to set it apart from others like POS and Ethereum.

Just yesterday, Vitalik Buterin the Twitter boss released multiple Tweets about what he considers the fate of cryptocurrencies. In his replies, the Twitter man says that coins which lack proof-of-stake are eventually going to fall.

To a degree, this is something investors in Cardano (ADA) may want to rejoice about. And the reason is obvious. Apart from Cardano being a crypto with proof-of-stake, it is the only crypto whose proof-of-stake has been verified and proven in the market.

Cardano (ADA) Got It Right From Start

Among other things, Vitalik’s Tweets only proves a point- that Cardano began with the end in mind. The crypto group got its target right from start. Its proof-of-stake algorithm ensures that it is scalable. This scalability makes it apt in handling different types of Dapps without network problems.

As such, while other cryptos such as Ethereum are having scalability issues, Cardano (ADA) may keep gaining grounds. Its technical foresight may give it a competitive edge above others.

Its project can shoulder the ever-changing global applications particularly those of the finance industry. This capability is both now and in times to come. Cardano (ADA) stands prepared due to its scalability.

How Cardano (ADA) Achieved The Feat

While other crypto projects were in a hurry to launch out, Cardano (ADA) took its time. Its slow start enabled it to arrive at a first-class product. Sometimes, in an attempt to be first in the market, many projects end up being half-baked.

As of now, Cardano’s quest in coming up with quantum resistance is 50 percent successful. No doubts, quantum computers would soon hit the market. And when it does, the majority of the current blockchain projects may be at risk.

Therefore, Cardano’s Pre-installed quantum resistance is a way of preparing for the rainy day. It has distinguished itself among other rivals as the most secure blockchain.

The security of this blockchain project is what Dapps’ developers will surely be interested in. And in times to come, it won’t be surprising seeing these developers using Cardano for financial apps development.

Abundant Profits May Await Cardano’s Investors

The uniqueness of Cardano (ADA) blockchain is something that may soon increase its market value. However, this change may not materialize soon because Cardano is still undergoing development.

What this implies is that investors in this project would have to look forward to a long-term return. Its perfection is surely going to demand some time. As such, enough patience may be required to reap the benefits.

Current cracks popping up in the crypto market due to scalability issue is enough reason to stick with Cardano. The blockchain is not only big but promising too.

Perhaps Charles Hoskinson wasn’t mistaken when he earlier said that they were building a platform worth trillions of dollars. He must have looked beyond the prevailing market now into the future to see the blockchain standing tall among others.

So, it is not impossible that in a few years to come, current investors in Cardano (ADA) could turn out to be financial geniuses.

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