Over 1 Billion TRX has Been Won on the TRONBet DApp

The team at the Tron (TRX) Foundation has updated the list of available Decentralized Applications on its platform. The new list that is available online, lists the following 9 DApps that are currently running on the network and after the Tron Virtual Machine was activated on the 12th of October:

  1. TRONDice
  2. CoinFlip
  3. FOMO
  4. Dice Classic
  5. TRONbet
  6. Last Trip
  7. SummaTRON-API
  8. TTMspace

It is with this background that Justin Sun recently announced a significant milestone of one of the DApps that is known as TRONBet. In the announcement, Justin informed the crypto-community that over 1 Billion TRX had been won on the DApp. His announcement via twitter can be found below:

At the moment of writing this, the amount of TRX won has increased to 1.114 Billion and the number of bets made is close to 2 Million.

About TRONBet

TRONbet is a gambling DApp that allows users to place bets using TRX. The gambling platform prides itself as being transparent, fair and incorporates what an e-gaming platform should be on the blockchain. It is the first trustless, permission-less and high-performance e-gaming platform on the TRON Network.

How To Play TronBet

  1. To play, you must have a TRONLink wallet and also own some TRX
  2. Set your BET AMOUNT in TRX
  3. Adjust the slider or enter the PREDICTION number you’d like to roll under. As you move the slider, your payout and win chance will adjust automatically. You can also select to Roll Over or Under your prediction number
  4. Click ROLL to place your bet. The smart contracts will then randomly generate a LUCKY number from 0-99
  5. If the lucky number is below your prediction then you WIN!
  6. Each bet placed will give you ANTE tokens

About the ANTE Token

According to the TRONBet’s whitepaper, the sole function of the ANTE token is to redistribute wealth to those who will be participating on the platform. 100% of all tokens earned from games are redistributed to all ANTE token holders proportionately. Only a 100,000,000 limited ANTE tokens will be minted, and this will never be increased.

What are your thoughts on the state of DApps on the Tron network? Have you tried your luck on TronBet? Please let us know in the comment section below.

[Image courtesy of TronBet.io]

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