RaiBlocks (XRB) is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of recent time. The company has shown a massive amount of growth in a relatively short time. Today marked a new era for the company as they announced a major re-branding. RaiBlocks is now 'Nano' - a new name that has been chosen to reflect the simplicity and speed of what their technology. This change in the branding is already live. Following this re-branding, the company formerly known as RaiBlocks also made another major announcement. Users will now be able to trade the Nano cryptocurrency tokens on Binance! Traders who had invested in this cryptocurrency are now expecting a major surge in the prices as Nano getting listed on Binance is likely to get many new investors, resulting in a jump in it's prices. Binance has announced that Nano would be available on their platform on NANO/BNB, NANO/BTC and NANO/ETH trading pairs. This announcement was anticipated for quite some time now but it appears that they were waiting for the re-branding to make it official! The company also unveiled a new logo, which is basically the letter-N made of various nodes connected together. While the branding is changing, the company has assured that pretty much everything else remains the same. Their funds will not be affected, their wallets, transactions, etc will remain the way they were. The company pokes fun at its old name, stating many people were confused as to how to pronounce the name. Is it R-A-I blocks, Rye-blocks, Ray-blocks? Why don't they just name it 'Rai' and drop the 'blocks'. The company decided to drop the entire name and introduced this new branding of Nano. In addition to this, it was also pointed out that the wallet addresses, which once began with the prefix XRB_ will continue to remain that way for the time being. However, they are expected to introduce NANO_ addresses in the near future.

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