The best way to measure if your favourite Cryptocurrencies have really 'made it' is when other, mainstream organizations start accepting them as tokens of payment. Over the years many organizations have begun to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. The latest name to join the party is - one of the most popular online retailers specializing in headphones. The website now accepts payments in RaiBlocks (XRB). Over the years many major names including Microsoft have begun accepting cryptocurrency payments. is now the latest name to join the party. However, as of this writing, there's no option to directly pay at the website using RaiBlocks. Those interested in making payments using RaiBlocks would need to send a mail to the website administrators at - it is here that they will provide you with the details as to how to proceed with this mode of payment. We presume that the wallet address will be provided over e-mail. RaiBlocks have been one of the most exciting cryptocurrency prospects over the past few months. Many major names including entrepreneur Kevin Rose have been impressed with XRB. What particularly draws people towards using this cryptocurrency is the fact that it is very fast - and charges no fees. RaiBlocks started December at a price of $0.2 - and moved on to an all-time high of $34 through the month. This massive growth is a result of the faith shown in the currency by investors and entrepreneurs alike. With retailers such as now supporting cryptocurrency purchases - it is a major step forward towards bringing it towards mainstream usage. Organizations which accept donation have accepted various cryptocurrencies over the years. WikiLeaks, Videolan and a number of other organizations have been accepting cryptocurrency donations. Startups have been coming up with business ideas where you can pay them in cryptocurrencies and they will purchase products from various retailers and send them to you. However, every passing day - the markets take a step forward towards mainstream acceptance.

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