Blockchain Technology is something the world is still acceptable in their heads, and Ethereum is something of that kind, but it is different from Bitcoin. Ethereum is a decentralized platform and allows the developers actually to create or organize several applications. But what happens when the prices for these currencies or technologies top higher? The prices for it have been rising high and can even compete with Bitcoin or US dollar. The prices are ranging or expected to range in the $800 level. Some Latest Ethereum Facts
  • The prices of Ethereum are increasing every minute, and they are now at a level of $720 with the USD.
  • An optimistic trend line is seen to be forming which is supported at $170 per hour which can be seen on the chart for ETH or USD. (By data feed via SimpleFX).
  • But as the hourly charts are showing the results the value is expected to go even higher and might even cross the $800 level.
As the objectives show and even the charts, one extra support base had to be created once the value of Euthereum price reached $615 in comparison to the US Dollar. With the 100 hourly forwarding averages, the prices are now crossing the %650 level very soon. The general pricing of the Euthereum ranges from an $838 high and till the $475 low which was seen the last time of retracement. The recent actions of the pricing show that the positive level is around $700 level and with the reports that are coming in, the prices will go even higher within the hours or days. But, the trend line that is being formed along with the support base, it is at around $690 with the 100 hourly SMA. This can be named as a system which is going to be the key support side. The struggle right now is for the Ethereum price to cross the 76.4% Fib Retracement Line from that of the last decline which was to $475 low to $838 high. As soon the prices reach the $752 level, it will be easier to cross the $780 level too which again would mark the aim for crossing the $800 level. After all of this, the final one that marks a high would be $830 level. With that being said, we cannot deny that the $680 is the best buying zone with the 100 hourly SMA. The hourly MACD is again the optimistic zone for the buying or bidders. The RSI is seen to be moving towards the level 65 which is higher than normal. The major support level would be $680 while the major resistance would be $752.

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