More and more students are opting for cryptocurrency courses and classes in some of the top computer science schools around the world and that's partly because of surge in bitcoin price and partly because of what could be in store for peer-to-peer digital currencies. Statistics pertaining to course enrollment in the last few months indicate that more and more computer science and information technology students are opting for cryptocurrency as well as blockchain classes. The trend is evident at Stanford where Dan Boneh, co-director of the Stanford Computer Security Lab and professor of cryptography, revealed that more and more students are opting for his cryptocurrency courses. While classroom based courses are seeing increased enrollment, the number of people enrolling for such courses online is in the millions. According to a report on CNBC, Boneh's online cryptography course has seen over a million sign-ups. One of the reasons behind this surge in enrollment is the increase in value of Bitcoin. Surge in Bitcoin price has not only attracted the attention of banks and financial institutions around the world, students are also turning their attention to learning more about them. Bitcoin already hit a new high of $6450 yesterday with its market value above $100 billion. While digital currency in itself is a big enough subject, cryptocurrencies as a whole serve a much greater purpose as far as students are concerned as experts believe that Bitcoin and other currencies enable professors to teach cryptography in a fun and innovative way. Reports from other universities have also come in with cryptocurrency becoming one of the hot favorite classes for students. At the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science in Pittsburgh, a class called Special Topics in Cryptography is garnering increased attention. University of California, Berkeley, also launched a class called the Cryptocurrency Decal last year and has seen increased enrollment this year. MIT’s Media Lab created the Digital Currency Initiative a couple of years back and it is running successfully. Increase attention of students has spawned from another fact that more and more companies are looking for students who have studied cryptocurrencies or blockchain as part of their curriculum. According to employment marketplace Freelancer, there has been an 82 percent increase in jobs related to bitcoin. Speaking to CNBC, Matt Barrie, CEO of Freelancer, said earlier this week that one of the main skills that employers are looking for is a candidate’s ability to manage initial coin offerings (ICOs).  

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