A subsidiary of Amazon Inc. - Amazon Technologies - has registered three new cryptocurrency and ethereum related domains - 'amazoncryptocurrency.com,' 'amazoncryptocurrencies.com,' and 'amazonethereum.com.' None of the domains are active at the moment and so the obvious way to dig out more information is through whois lookup. According to the information available, the three domains have been registered by Amazon Technologies, which has in the past been linked to patent filings. Back in 2013, Amazon registered a domain called amazonbitcoin.com and that is redirecting to company's main page, Amazon.com. The registrations were spotted by domain name industry website DomainNameWire and the registrations came at a time when bitcoin has breached the $7,000 mark. Reports have emerged that many news outlets and online publishing houses have contacted Amazon to get information on the motive behind registration of these domains, but the online retailer hasn't replied to anyone. If we take a peek on Reddit and other discussion forums, users are pointing out that we can't jump to conclusions considering that brands are known to take such steps to protect their brand. While that may indeed be the case, another alternative explanation could be that Amazon is either preparing for a big cryptocurrency-related move, or merely attempting to separate its Amazon Coin – a digital currency it created in 2013 – from cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum. Amazon Pay’s VP, Patrick Gauthier, did make a statement sometime back that Amazon isn't planning to accept cryptocurrencies at the time because "there hasn’t been much demand yet" and that could indicate that the latest move is a band name protection move. If Amazon does move ahead with accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, it will go a long way into enabling bitcoin, ethereum as well as several other cryptocurrencies to expand or at least instill a confidence in decentralized monetary system as a whole.

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