New HTC Phone Will Run a Full BTC node

The market for cryptos and blockchain technologies is increasingly proving its attractiveness. After selling its first crypto-oriented phone, HTC announced that the second edition of this device will have new features, including a full BTC node.

Phil Chen, Chief Content Officer at HTC revealed the news at the Magical Crypto Conference in New York. The executive commented that the new HTC 1s will be much more affordable and will run a fully validating node, so users will be able to save the details of all transactions uploaded to the blockchain while contributing to strengthening the network.

“[The 1s is] going to be a lot cheaper, it will be a lot more accessible,” he said during the debate, explaining that they estimate the device will cost close to $300.

This would be extremely positive for the ecosystem and HTC’s concept, considering that the Exodus 1, was sold for almost 1000 dollars.

Phil Chen, announcing the HTC Exodus 1S
Phil Chen, announcing the HTC Exodus 1S

HTC: Helping The BTC Ecosystem Grow With Each Phone the Sell

The HTC Exodus 1 was announced during Consensus 2018 and raised quite a lot of expectation in the community. It was the direct competition of Finney, a Smartphone that was marketed at a similar price.

Chen explained that beyond offering a simple hardware wallet, HTC’s team focused on providing a greater sense of security to users while contributing to making the network even more secure:

“We think that’s foundational to the whole decentralized internet and just the whole fundamental premise … If you don’t own your keys, you don’t own your bitcoin, you don’t own your crypto.”

Chen explained that the company is directing its efforts to the promotion of Bitcoin because it is the most solid and used technology. 

“I see bitcoin as one of the most important if not the most important blockchain …We definitely want to support that first and given what bitcoin stands for, open, neutral, censorship-resistance”

However, he did not rule out the possibility of adding support for other blockchains, if appropriate:

I think running light nodes, like ethereum for example, is definitely doable, [but] it all depends on the spec,”

HTC 1s will be released at the end of Q3 2019

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