The National Government ordered the issuance of National Treasury Bills (Letes) to finance the Ministry of Energy at USD 4,498.5 million, and the Trust Fund for the Transportation Infrastructure System at USD 1,250 million, according to the resolutions published in the Official Gazette.

The measure was ordered through resolutions 143-E and 147-E of the Ministry of Finance, which bear the signature of the holder of the area, Luis Caputo.

Resolution 147 determined the issuance of Treasury Bills in guarantee for USD 4,498,549,000, to be delivered to the Fund for the Development of Renewable Energies (Foder), to be used as guarantee of payment of the sale price of the generation plant, From alternative energy sources.

Meanwhile, Resolution 143 provided for the issuance of a Lete to be subscribed by the Trust Fund of the Transportation Infrastructure System for $ 450 million, maturing on February 16, and interest equivalent to the Badlar rate in pesos for public, currently At 19.25{d0fd1c7f03312cdbde7b5dce5e26cfecaabc8ba26c81c7be42bb4001702752ce} per annum.

It also established the placement of another Letter, also for the Transportation Fund, for $ 800 million, due March 2, and with Badlar rate.


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