Man Indicted for Stealing 9M USD in DASH from his Roomate

A new dark episode stains the reputation of crypto as the Israeli justice has just filed an indictment against a man who allegedly stole the funds that a friend of his stored in a crypto wallet synchronized on his personal laptop.

According to a report published by the local e-newspaper News1. Afek Zard stole 75000 Dash that his friend Alexei Yaromenko stored in a wallet downloaded on his computer. The total amount exceeds 9 million dollars, with a value of roughly $121 per token at the time of writing this article.

According to the publication, Zard had his first contact with cryptos after Yaromenko told him about his passion. Yaromenko is apparently an early investor who had been accumulating DASH since 2013.

Yaromenko’s enthusiasm was so great that he told Zar about his activity, inviting him to buy some tokens to start trading. On one of those occasions, the victim taught Zar how to make a transaction and revealed that he had a significant amount of money in tokens.

Subsequently, Zard bought a small amount of Dash and started trading, however, this was not enough, so Zard began to devise a plan to get all of his friend’s coins.

To carry out his crime, Zard did not resort to compelling tactics such as hacking or social engineering to get the keys to the wallet… The now arrested delinquent resorted to the old tactic of waiting for his friend to be out of the house, and with the support of a group of 4 unidentified co-conspirators, accessed Alexei’s computer and emptied his wallet, sending the coins to 4 different wallets in an attempt to cover his tracks.

News1 Reports:

The State Prosecutor’s Office claims that at the beginning of next month, Zard, himself and with the help of others, entered the computer and obtained the wallet details and password. At the same time, he created four addresses of his own digital wallets, in a manner that can not be traced back to their owners. Then he went into Riomenko’s wallet, stole all its contents, and then passed the coins between several addresses to obscure his tracks. The state attributes to him theft in aggravated circumstances, money laundering and penetration of the computer to commit an offense. The indictment was filed by attorney Giora Hazan

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