Update: (LTC) Litecoin Price On A Slow Downtrend After Weeks of LitePay Hype

One of the oldest and most popular names in the world of cryptocurrencies, Litecoin has been around since a long time and has been seen as a ‘digital silver’ to Bitcoin’s gold standard. Charlie Lee, the developer of Litecoin has been one of the most vocal names in the world of cryptocurrency. Litecoin was one of the biggest gainers of late February as LitePay and Litecoin Cash announcements were made.
However, with those announcements now a thing of the past, the momentum has gone and the prices have settled down. Litecoin is back into a slow downtrend following weeks of hype and growth. Let us take a look at how the past week and the past 24 hours were for Litecoin – and where the currency is likely heading from here.
(LTC) Litecoin Price Over The Past 24 Hours
The past 24 hours have witnessed a downtrend of 2.7% for Litecoin price. The currency began the day at $213 and closed at $207.76. It was a gradual and continuous decline with the exception of a brief period when the price touched $216. The currency ended the day with a market cap of $11.5 Billion.
(LTC) Litecoin Price Over The Past 7 Days
Over the past week, Litecoing prices have experienced a slow downtrend. The week opened at a price of $213.56 and closed at $207.76. However, over the course of the week the currency peaked at $233.15 and the lowest point came at $202. However, these were momentary highs and lows – and the overall loss over the week wasn’t much. Litecoin’s market cap at the end of the week stands at $11.5 Billion – a loss of $300 Million over the week.
(LTC) Litecoin Price Expectations

LTC Litecoin price update 4 March 2018

Expected movement of Litecoin price | Image; Tradingview

Litecoin price faces a resistance at the $225 mark. If the currency does manage to cross that price point sometime over this week, we then expect Litecoin prices to reach a high of $240-$245 before meeting another resistance at $250. However, if that doesn’t happen, the currency will likely continue to fluctuate between $180-$220 over the week.
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