Ledger Reveals the Launch Date for its Brand New Ledger Nano X Wallet

After a long wait, Ledger finally can say that its new hardware wallet model, the Ledger Nano X (Genesis Edition) will be available for sale starting May 15.

Ledger Nano X
The New Ledger Nano X

The Paris-based startup already offers a pre-order option for the first units. It is expected that after this first batch of wallets is delivered, everyone will be able to order devices in a normal way starting May 27th.

As reported by our partner site Ethereum World News, Pascal Gauthier, the new CEO of the company had been emphatic in mentioning that upon assuming the position, he would orient all his efforts to launch the Nano X as soon as possible.

In an interview for Breaker Mag, Gauthier explains that the Nano X had suffered several delays due to problems with the supplies offered by Ledger’s providers:

“I think what excites me is to continue building this and launching the Nano X, our next product, which has been well-received by some of the communities that have had the privilege to touch it. As you might know, we have been delayed in production due to [parts] issues. Getting the product into the market is exciting for me because I think it’s changing the game.”

Gauthier replaced Eric Larchevêque after he decided to work as one of the company’s Executive Chairmen. Eric expects to focus on Ledger’s strategic aspects without worrying about the day-to-day tasks he had to perform as CEO.

Ledger Nano X: Can it Live Up To Its Predecessor?

It seems that the decision to change management was a wise one. Less than a month after the announcement, Ledger can boast of having one more product available on the market.

The Nano X is an evolution of the world famous Nano S, a hardware wallet similar to a small USB Drive that gained much popularity in the community of crypto enthusiasts during 2017.

Such was the popularity of this device, that at the beginning of January 2018 Ledger reported over a million sales. They sold the first device in mid-2016

The new Nano X has many advantages over its predecessor, including the ability to be used via Bluetooth paired to the owner’s Smartphone, an improved design, better security, and encryption system and the replacement of traditional buttons.

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