Latest Bytecoin News: New Listing, Wallets and a BCN Centered Exchange

The future looked grim for the Bytecoin (BCN) project soon after the digital asset was delisted on two platforms last month. Binance was the first to delist BCN together with the three digital assets of Iconomi (ICN), TRIG and CHAT.

A few days later, OKEX delisted BCN in an announcement that highlighted the following reason of doing so:

Our regular monitoring of Bytecoin found that the project has been exposed to a critical technical issue that has been left unhandled. To protect the interests of our users.

News of the double delisting of BCN caused the price of the coin to fall from $0.0022 to current levels of $0.001325: a 40% drop in value.

Latest Bytecoin News

Since then, BCN has however made a few impressive developments as shall be highlighted below.

  • New Listing

On the 5th of November, the team at BCN informed the community that the digital asset was now listed on one of India’s largest exchanges known as CoinCDX. Bytecoin is now tradable on the exchange against Bitcoin.

  • New Wallets

The team at BCN also informed the Bytecoin community of the availability of BCN web and mobile wallets. These wallets can be used to manage and purchase BCN without downloading the entire blockchain. The wallets can be found on the Bytecoin download page.

  • All Time High Hash Rates

Last week, the BCN network managed to achieve an all time high hashrate of 719 MH/s surpassing previous highs of 695 MH/s. The team made the announcement of the new achievement via twitter as can be seen in the tweet below:

  • New BCN Centered Exchange

In a Reddit post on the 1st of November, the following picture were posted on the Bytecoin subreddit page.

BCNEX based in Vietnam

The Reddit post included a link to the new Bytecoin centered exchange known as BCNEX. The exchange is preparing for launch and is currently in the initial stages of funding. However, only residents of Vietnam are allowed to participate in the first round of Angel Funding. 

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