Kim Kardashian Receives her First -Physical- BTC; “We’ve Moved Onto Bitcoin,” She says

Kim Kardashian is keeping up with cryptos, and this July 29 she received her first – and hopefully not her last- Bitcoin.

Successful businessman Matthew Roszak, Co-Founder, Bloq and Founding Partner at Tally Capital gave Ms. Kardashian her first Bitcoin at a charity event organized by City of Hope in Los Angeles.

In one of her Instagram Stories, Kim uploaded a series of videos in which she shows how she participates in a poker tournament, betting with the traditional chips among which there is a chip with a symbolic value of “One Bitcoin.”

Mr. Roszak published that he was pleased to have introduced cryptos to Kim. The event was quite fun, and Roszak joked with a possible “KardashianCoin.”

Being Kardashian an Instagram celebrity, her crypto-story soon became viralized. Some users commented that it could help to spread the potentials of cryptocurrency adoption to an unfamiliar public.

A symbolic representation of an intangible asset such as Bitcoin has been an idea developed by many enthusiasts, but it is difficult to make it concrete in reality as there are no agreements on how to carry out the various transactions without having to upload them to the blockchain.

However, for enclosed environments, such an innovation could be beneficial. Just as casino chips are monetary representations that only have value within the casino, a chip for the amount of one bitcoin could only become valuable when redeemed in the same casino, representing a transfer of 1 bitcoin from the casino wallet to the wallet of whoever wants to “collect” the chips.


Previously, Kim’s husband, Kanye West, has also commented on several occasions that she has some interest in using Bitcoin.

One of the times was during an interview where he mentioned that he “wanted to use Bitcoin” after he learned that Harriet Tubman would be on the $20 billion. For the well-known artist, while traditional bills could continuously remind him of the time of slavery, the use of bitcoin as an intentional tool of exchange has no ideological or political influence.

On another occasion, he also tweeted the word “decentralize.” A simple tweet generated a tremendous response from the community, with over 41k and 11k retweets.

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