Kevin Rose Is Impressed by RaiBlocks (XRB)

Kevin Rose, an innovator and entrepreneur who is the name behind some of the biggest internet assets such as Digg, Revision3 and Milk among others is the latest name to be impressed by RaiBlocks (XRB). It has been a good month for those who are interested in RaiBlocks or have invested in the technology as December recorded massive gains for the currency.
Over the past couple of weeks, RaiBlocks has doubled in value, starting somewhere around $7 and crossing $16 at it’s peak. The currency hadn’t even touched $1 when the month started. While a small correction followed, the coin is still doing pretty good in the markets and is impressing many, including Kevin Rose.
Cryptocurrency markets are quite unlike the stock markets yet share some similar aspects. One of the biggest aspects which is similar between Cryptocurrencies and Stock Markets is that of market sentiments. Expert opinions do matter and Kevin Rose is a strong voice in the tech community.
Kevin Rose Twitter Raiblocks
Up until November, there was a very interesting way of obtaining RaiBlocks – by solving captcha based puzzles! However, this has been discontinued for a while now and the only way you can get XRB tokens is via trading in the markets.
What brings Kevin Rose, as well as numerous other users towards RaiBlocks is the kind of advantages it has over other cryptocurrencies. One of the most impressive features of XRB is the fact that it comes with zero fees! Moreover, it is incredibly fast as well. ‘Faster and Cheaper’ is the concept that even Bitcoin Cash was pitched at. However, with 0 transaction fees, XRB is certainly cheaper, as well as faster compared to even Bitcoin Cash.
Kevin Rose may not be the biggest voice in the world of cryptocurrency, but with close to 2 million followers on Twitter, many of who are active investors in the world of cryptos.

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