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Justin Sun Charges Developers to Ditch Ethereum for Tron (TRX)

It appears that the contest for supremacy between Tron (TRX) and Ethereum (ETH) on which is the best smart contract platform is getting hotter daily. Just lately, the CEO of Tron Foundation, Justin Sun threw a jibe at Ethereum (ETH) on Twitter asking developers to forsake it and get on Tron (TRX).

Everyone knows just how good Justin can be when it comes to marketing his brand on different social media. He is also evidently passionate about what he believes in and that has not changed even as he competes with Ethereum who for now is the biggest platform for smart contracts.

One Afri Scheoedon who perhaps has been thrilled by the marketing prowess of Justin once wrote on his Twitter page asking developers to switch to Tron (TRX). This is someone who has been a long-time developer on Ethereum. His Twitter post is below:

As soon as Justin read this tweet, he quoted it and responded immediately by further appealing to developers worldwide to quit Ethereum and come to Tron blockchain. His reason is that Tron now transacts at a speed that is a hundred times faster than that of Ethereum.

Ethereum CEO Responds

Ethereum, as expected, did not stand indifferent to this challenge by TRON. In an attempt to guide Ethereum against false calls, its CEO, Vitalik Buterin faulted Afri’s allegation against ETH scalability thus:

Disagree. Most dapps have lots of room to gas-optimize, and even if *you* don’t your dapp running raises gas fees and pressures *others* to gas-optimize. There’s *plenty* of low-value spam on a chain. And everyone should be looking into layer-2 solutions… And there are layer 2’s without data availability tradeoffs or liveness requirements, e.g., Tx mass-validation via ZK-SNARKs can reduce the cost to less than 1000 gas per tx if done well. That’s approx 500 tx/sec on-chain with all the security guarantees of on-chain.

Analysis of Ethereum and Tron’s Price Analysis

With regard to transaction speeds, platform development, and even fees charged, Tron evidently has the upper hand above Ethereum.

However, for a couple of days now, Ethereum has remained on top of its game coming first among 100 leading cryptos with its tokens yielding high returns. Currently, there has been a healthy increase in Ethereum market capitalization to $220 billion.

Currently, Ethereum trades at $234 amidst several exchanges, and the impressive run of the coin goes on week by week. No doubts, ETH has come under severe criticisms in the course of the year simply because some blockchain operating on 3.0 platforms are trying to outsmart it.

These blockchain contesting the best smart contract platform with Ethereum include Cardano, Tron, and Stellar. But thanks to the latest upsurge in the price of Ethereum; skeptics are beginning to accept ETH again due to its 20 percent price increase. As such from the third position that ETH was previously, it has now moved to the second position. Ripple (XRP) remains first with 80 percent daily increase.

In the same vein, Tron (TRX) hasn’t been unproductive either. Ever since its mainnet was launched in June, its token has been making some quantum leap. It is currently 13th with $1,480,675,740 USD on the Coinmarketcap scale.

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