Italy Joins the European Blockchain Association

The Italian government recently approved its affiliation to the European Blockchain Association, taking a step forward in the adoption of these technologies after having been known for its positions against cryptocurrency adoption.

According to RAI News; Luigi Di Maio, Minister of Economic Development, Labour and Social Policies, just signed today the adherence agreement in Brussels, Belgium.

Italy: “The Future Starts Now!”

The minister did not delve into the details that led to this change of posture; however he stated that the country now expects to be able to promote new opportunities for industrial development. In the statements published by the local media, Mr. Di Maio’s enthusiasm is evident with this further step towards a Crypto-Friendly Italy:

“Italy has just officially entered the era of the Blockchain! I have just signed Italy’s adhesion to the European Blockchain Partnership Initiative from which we had remained inexplicably outside.
Italy aims at emerging technologies, and in Europe, we will take our vision by ensuring the maintenance of the decentralized character of the Blockchain and the Italian excellences that operate with this technology in various areas from the public services to the protection of Made in Italy. The future starts now!”

According to the Italian government’s vision, the country’s priority is to benefit from the exchange of experiences with the rest of the members to promote a quality regulatory and technical framework that allows the creation of more business opportunities.

“There will be a regulatory approach to creating a flexible environment that complies with European Union laws through clear administrative models.”

Europe: A possitive Example for Policymakers

The European Blockchain Association was established last April with 22 countries and currently has 26 members, after Greece, Romania, Denmark, and Cyprus.

The number of initiatives to promote blockchain technologies and the adoption of cryptocurrencies is increasing every day in the European Union. From institutional initiatives such as the “EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum,” to the effort of countries such as Malta and Switzerland to adopt governmental policies specifically oriented to promote a crypto friendly economy, the efforts of Europeans set an example for the rest of the world.

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