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Huobi, the planet's third-biggest cryptocurrency exchange, is launching a brand new digital money marketplace in america via a new company named HBUS, according to an official press release. HBUS has opened its own office in San Francisco.

The company states it will be attractive to clients because of its user friendly interface and wide choice of cryptocurrencies.

According to the press launch,

HBUS plans to expand"aggressively", looking for partnerships with blockchain jobs and offering discounts and giveaways to new clients.

For example, the official site says that HBUS is opening with a promotional offer of fee-free trading for 30 days, and can be performing a Bitcoin giveaway contest for people who deposit $1,000 or more they can win 0.1 BTC, equivalent to about $768 at the current rate.

The new company also wants to employ 60 people at its new office and to that conclusion is"hiring on all fronts". Among the jobs on offer is because'recruiter'. The trading date is set for June 15 however if demand is overwhelming they may postpone the launch to another date.

The headquarters are situated in Singapore but they've been attempting to expand abroad for quite some time. They even announced plans to establish a market in London. 

US Government and the HBUS Cryptocurrency Exchange

The US government currently puts strict demands on cryptocurrency exchanges as regulators have stated that all employees of those exchanges must be educated in Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (KYC). They will be required to pass an exam on the subjects before employment. 

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Huobi also entered a partnership to launch a $93 million China-South Korean investment fund for blockchain startups that will help encourage collaboration between both countries.